11 Impressive Qualities of Lord Rama (What is Real Success)

Hello, my dear friends. I want to ask something- What is Success? How to get Success in life? How to become successful in life?

All these questions are constantly circulating in your mind. Let’s know what is called Success and how to become successful in life.

But before we get to all that, I want to remind you of Lord Shri Ram‘s qualities and achievements.

If we understand Lord Shri Ram’s life, then we come to know that to be successful in life, we have to adopt these eleven qualities in our life.

Qualities of Lord Rama

1). Lord Shri Ram defeated to Kings of two great kingdoms, namely Kishkinda and Lanka, but he didn’t take over any of these kingdoms, nor did he collect any tribute.

Today you can see, people can’t even spare rupees 10 notes, whereas Sri Ram gave two kingdoms to their new Kings unconditionally. This is called selflessness and non-attachment to material gains.

2). Lord Rama could have easily started a rebellion to ascend the Throne of Kosala kingdom; he was the popular choice and had the strength, charm, and support to be the next king.

Yet, he chose “exile” over the kingship. Why? Because to keep the promises of his father, Dasharatha. It is called renunciation.

And today, you can see a son raises his hands over his father for his selfishness number.

3). Rama respected woman’s choice and kept on politely declining offers, no matter how offensive they got. Suparnakha and others had proposed on Rama, but then he refused them all. This is called Pure character.

Today, you can see how a man is disloyal to his wife and wandering with other women.

4). In any country obsessed with the cast, Shri Ram broke up barriers by breaking traditions by eating at a tribal woman’s house and the berries that Shabari literally tasted. This is called true Humanity.

Today, you can see that a man does not eat food on the same table with another man because he thinks that the other man is a small cast.

5). My dear friends, in the most difficult of all situations, did not go back home asking for help. Instead, he went ahead on his search for his wife.

He sought allies in an unfamiliar place. He made friends, fought for his friends, killed Sugriva’s rival brother, and restored his kingdom, and he reunited him with his wife.

6). Shri Rama managed to defeat one of the most powerful Kings of his time. This King Ravana was considered undefeated in battle, so much so that he was deemed to be immortal.

The battle was legendary. They say that even the celestials had come to witness the fight. He achieved a lot of things in his life. You can’t pick one and say that this is the best.

He was best as a son; he was best as a brother; he was best as a loyal husband; he was best as a warrior. He was best in everything, whatever he was asked to do.

It’s tough for me to pick anyone, but I would pick him as a son if I had toHe took his father’s words and did not break the Raghukul’s legacy.

Being the son of the mightiest king of Earth, he was supposed to rule the world and keep his father’s promises; he lived in Jungle away from his house, his family, his brother, and from all those things that he could get in Ayodhya.

7). Equanimity– Lord Shri Ram know for his evenness of temper. He never became angry on any occasion. When Ram broke the bow of Lord Shiva, he withstood the angry words of Parashurama and instead extolled him.

Even when Rama abducted Sita Mata, Ram did not lose his temper but send Lord Hanuman as a messenger to make peace.

Such was his serenity that when Lakshmana barred Durvyasa Muni to visit Rama, Rama did not utter any cursive words but silently followed his brother into the Sarayu river.

8). Be Compassionate- Lord Shri Ram is compassion personified. Did you know that not Lord Shri Rama stopped the practice of Horse sacrifice after the completion of the Ashwamedha Yagya?

He did not like the idea of hurting a creature just for the sake of traditions and asked Lakshmana to question habits when they defy logic!

Contrary to what many scholars would want you to believe, Lord Shri Ram was a complete vegetarian.

9). Be courageous- He was absolutely never afraid of anything, any situation, or anyone. Right from a young age, Lord Rama took on the mighty demons without an ounce of fear. And even when circumstances threatened him, he fought on Bravely and valiantly.

10). Be Committed- Lord Shri Rama fulfilled every single responsibility in his life. As a son, as a brother, as a husband, as a friend, as a disciple, as a king, as a father, as a God, and even as an enemy.

11). Be fully aware of the Higher truth- Although he was the king, he was fully aware of the higher truth. He did all his spiritual practices and Worshipped Lord Shiva.

From all the qualities of Lord Ram, everyone living in this modern era must adopt this quality of Shri Ram.

What is Success By Lord Rama?

My dear friends, Success is Not an achievement of material gains like money, name, and fame but a State of Mind where you get rid of all kinds of bondages and desires; the mind becomes completely calm.

There is no harm in wanting to get something, but after getting something, if you get attached to it, tell me that if that thing is taken back from you, will you remain calm? No! right. This is called the endless cycle of death and rebirth in the Upanishads.

If you get something, you are happy; if you lose something, you are sad. Achieve what does not get you trapped in bondage and not take away your peace of mind.

Do not divert your attention from Ram, even after getting everything because Ram is the absolute truth. Attending Ram is salvation, and salvation is the ultimate goal of humans.

No matter how much material gains you make, at last, you are going to leave this world empty-handed.

If everyone gains on your achievement, this is call success. That is why making everyone a partner of your success will break your ego, and you will be free from all the bonds. This is the true definition of success.

Jai Shri Rama!

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