Easiest and the Fastest way to receive God’s Grace

If you want to live a happy, successful and a great life, you need nothing but God’s grace. He will help you in every situation. But one question may arrive in your mind that how can we get God’s grace?

Don’t worry, in this post I will clear all your doubts. If you want Grace of the supreme (GOD), then you must read the full post, without skipping a single word. Otherwise it will not work for you.

If we want to receive God’s grace, then first we must know that What does God’s grace mean? So, are you ready? Let’s read…

What is God’s Grace

How many of us believers live depressed and discouraged because they feel that they can never measure up.

This is what’s happening in the church or the temples, people who’s put their faith in God, this is what’s happening every day and that’s because we don’t understand the grace of God.

Somehow you feel like it’s still your works that is making you accepted by God. You are in a place right now Believing the lie that the enemy wants you to believe that somehow after you receive God’s grace, now you have to work to keep it.

You may wonderIf God is everywhere, why do we need temples or church?

Grace is the unmerited, undeserved, unearned, kindness and favour of God, that’s what grace is. It’s unmerited, undeserved and it’s unearned.

To get the grace from god, only one thing is required, and that is Surrender. We will understand this further in this post.

Bible says, “Grace is the dimension of divine activity that enables God to confront human indifference and rebellion with an inexhaustible capacity to forgive and to bless.”

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What Grace can Do?

Grace can move mountains of guilt and shame Grace, can flood your days in the desert with streams of living water, Grace can bring you through the fire of adversity without the smell of smoke being upon you, Grace is the unmerited favour of God.

You can’t buy it, you can only receive it because God is so glad to give it.

Grace is an ocean without a shoreline, Grace has no limit. God’s grace will give you a new beginning. God’s grace is greater than your sin. God’s grace is greater than all your faults and failures and it’s the only thing that can truly heal you.

But why is grace amazing? Ephesians chapter 2 verse 8– “For by grace you have been saved, through one action faith.”

So like when you put your faith in God, you have now been extinctic grace, only through your ability to receive it through faith.

You would try to take credit for it, and it keeps coming back to the same thing. It’s not of your works, it’s not because you gave that large offering, it’s not because you served the orphans.

It’s the free gift of God. He says but it is the undeserved gracious gift verse 9 not as a result of your works, no your attempts to keep the law, so that no one will be able to boast or take credit in any way for his salvation.

Saving is all his idea, and all his work all we do, look what we do? Trust him. We trust him enough to let him do it.

It’s God’s gift from start to finish, we don’t play a major role if we did. We’d probably go around bragging that we’ve done the whole thing. No, we neither make or save ourselves. God does both the making and the saving.

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Understanding Grace (Discussion between God and Devotee)

Let us understand this from a story.

One soul fights with God. He says, “My lord, should I reveal my mind to you?” God said, “Go ahead, you will not like it.” God said, “Never mind I’m used to it”.

We people from time to time think thoughts of anger, hatred, envy, jealousy and God sitting inside is noting them all. So God says, “I’m very used to all the impure thoughts that the souls are keeping in their heart. What is it that you wish to say? Tell me.”

Now the soul spoke up. The soul said, “My lord, in the world, it so happens that if a little helpless child is fallen in a ditch and a passer-by happens to see the child wailing, crying helplessly, any passer-by is moved to pity.

They lift the child, quite and the child, feed the child, and they endeavour to find that little baby’s parents and if the parents are not traceable, then they deposit the child in an orphanage or the police station.

But nobody is so hard-hearted that they would throw that little baby back into the ditch. This much of pity, my lord even we humans have got.”

God accepted, “You are very correct.” Human beings do possess the virtue of compassion if they don’t they are not human they’re demoniac.

But what is it you wish to say, O soul? Why have you created this background before presenting your statement?” Now the soul expressed his intention.

“My lord, I am also your little child. I’m helpless, I have fallen in this ditch of material existence. I’m being kicked by the waves of Maya and tormented by anger, greed, desire. You are my all merciful father!

You have declared and you are aware of the miseries that I am undergoing. Are you not feeling pity on me? It is within your capacity to grace me by a mere glance of your causeless grace.

You can liberate me from the shackles of material bondage. Why then my lord have you not graced me and endless lifetimes has passed by? and don’t blame me, “Oh soul, why did you not come to my door, if you had I would have blessed you.”

“My lord, I’m unaware of the path to your door. I’m admitting, I’m an ignorance, but you don’t have any such alibis because you are omniscient, all-knowing, and you possess various titles – (Saviour of the destitutes, rescuer of the fallen, Ocean of causeless grace and mercy)

But “What mercy, my lord?” Your little child is in such doldrums, and you are not blessing him! Quickly bestow your grace on me or your good name will be tainted.

The soul leveled this accusation upon God. Now God responded, “O soul, you have accused me of being hard-hearted, I am supposed to be softer than the softest, but tell me one thing the basis of your claim for grace was that I am your father and you are my child.”

“My question to you is, “Do you actually believe that I am your father?” Simple question. You said, “Oh god you are my father bless me.” My question is “Do you actually believe that I am your father?”

“Oh where do you believe? you have two percent faith; God is also my father but I’ve never seen him, I have received the love of my worldly father, I have a share in his property, I will get it from him after he leaves.

Out there, you have attachment and here you have none. God says, “I’m waiting for you to actually accept me as your Lord.”

When you go to the temple you say, “Oh God you alone are my father.” Now why don’t you believe that?

Chaitanya Mahaprabhu said, “Just say once with all your heart- O shri Krishna, you alone are mine. God says, “Look if I bestow my grace, do you know what I will give you?”

“Listen, I’ll give you my Divine Knowledge, Divine Bliss which will fulfil and satisfy you for the rest of eternity.”

“I’ll give you that kind of love ,which will satiate your heart completely, in return what do I ask from you? Are you aware?”

Look, it said in America there are no free lunches. You want my grace and free fund. Don’t you realize that you have some commitments, some obligation, something to do in return?

“What is it that you are supposed to do, do you know?” First of all understand, what is it that God gives, and what is it that God expects from you?

All right my lord, let me hear you today. Speak up. Now God responded with the condition for grace. In the Rigveda he says, “O soul, surrendered to me, and I will grace you.”

The condition for grace is “Surrender” God says look you have come into my world, now if you go to Brazil you can’t live by American or Indian rules, you have to follow the rules of Brazil, and if you go to Moscow you have to live by the rules of Russia.

Similarly, we are in God’s world. We need to follow God’s laws. God says, why is this a revolution taking place?

Again he says in the Rig Veda, “O soul, if you surrender yourself to me without any delay, I will release you from the bondage of Maya.

There will not be a moment’s delay. Even if you put the light on, it takes 1,86,000 miles travels at the speed of 1 lakh 86,000 miles per second. So it takes a moment to reach you.

God says, I won’t even take that moment. You just have to surrender and there is the grace. Again he says, “Oh soul, if you want my mercy, my property, you will have to surrender.”

Conclusion: So, from this story we come to know that if we want God’s grace we have to surrender to him. We must have full faith and trust on him, only then the grace will work. So the easiest and most effective way to receive God’s Grace is by Surrender.

Surrender to God to receive his grace

So now we know that if we want to receive God’s grace then we have to surrender to him. But what does surrender means? How will you surrender? What will you surrender? What have you got to surrender?

Don’t try to surrender because what will you surrender? What is it that you are going to surrender? If you bend down, that is not surrender, that’s good exercise (Laughter/Applause).

If you declare, I have surrendered, that’s a horrible ego. So, how will you surrender, what will you surrender? What have you got to surrender first of all?

It is out of a certain realization that surrender happens. See these words can be very misleading because you have always been taught, self worth, self esteem, confidence, isn’t it?

These are the valuable things to make your life. Surrender is against all these things. Only when you are worthless, you can surrender, please see.

If you have self worth, self esteem, confidence, how to surrender? But can you live without confidence? can you live without self esteem or some sense of self worth? Right now, no.

People believed unless you believe in yourself, you cannot survive. It’s not true. It’s not true in an essential way. But people believed that and it’s become true for them because whatever you believe, if you add sufficient focus and emotion to it, it becomes real, you know? It becomes very real.

All kinds of nonsensical belief systems around the world have become absolutely real for lots of people. Not for a small number of people. For a vast majority of population, it’s become real. They believe it and it is so.

So, because of belief, these things have become real. But whatever you believe and whatever you empower with your thoughts and your emotions, has no existential basis.

When you talk surrender, you are talking about passing from the limitations of one dimension to another.

You knocked your head on the wall sufficiently, now you understand that unless you become like thin air, you will not pass.

When you have realized this, that in your present form, you will never pass, when you realize this… See, suppose you are imprisoned and the doors are thick and nothing happens, you can’t go.

There is a gutter, filthy gutter, if you crawl through this filth, you can get out to freedom. Will you choose to crawl… crawl through the filth or no? You will, right? Yes?

If that’s the route to freedom, through the most horrible filth, you will crawl. It will go into your nostrils and your mouth and everywhere but it doesn’t matter, it leads you to freedom so you will crawl through filth. That’s surrender.

That’s surrender because you have realized you can’t cross the prison walls standing that is why you are crawling.

So, surrender is a certain realization that you realize in your present form, you cannot pass the gate. So you find a more intelligent way to pass.

That will not come by cultivation, that will come only by a certain realization; either out of your intelligence or.. because life has ground you sufficiently or.. that you’re insane enough to fall in love in an unbridled way, not in a conditional way, not in a sensible way, not in a nice way, in an insane way.

Insane like a Ramakrishna or a Mirabai, or Akka Mahadevi. There have been any number, these are the known names. There have been any number of them, who are insane. They are not sane, they are not nice, not at all nice, I want you to know (Laughs) but they are fantastic. That which is fantastic need not be nice. Usually it’s not nice.

Special Grace for Devotees

When we say that God is formless, attribute less, quality less, we are denying all these things. So God is also reciprocating accordingly.

Grace is also quality. One of the qualities of God is that he is merciful, and if the devotee says “You don’t have any qualities” God says, “All right then how can I bestow grace upon you?”

“You are saying I have no qualities! I have to act in accordance with your sentiments.” “So then I have to withhold my grace!”

So in the path of Gyan Yoga, until that Nirvikalp Samadhi the Sadhak (Spiritual aspirant) is merely depending upon self effort.

The Sadhak does not have access to the special grace of God. The universal grace is for everyone, for all of us, whether we surrender whether we don’t.

The earth we walk upon, the sunlight we receive, the air that we breathe, all this universal grace is abundantly available to all human to the demons, who says there is no God.

God says, “Never mind you also eat from my earth, you also walk on my earth, that’s alright this is for everyone but that universal grace will not liberate us from Maya.

We need the special grace, that special grace is received when we surrendered to him, and the Gyani is not surrendering and is not accepting any qualities of God.

God says, “Alright then, you carry on on your own. So in the path of Gyan Yoga, the Sadhak goes on self-effort, while on the path of Bhakti-yoga the Sadhak is surrendering to God.

That is why in the Yoga Vasishtha, Maharishi Vasishtha instructs Rama, he says, Rama externally put in your best efforts, but internally think it is not me it is all God and his grace that is accomplishing this.”

So in the path of bhakti, we are depending on the grace of God, and by his grace he takes care of his devotee.

So that Grace, makes such a big difference! that grace compensates for everything else. God has this resolve- He has said that in the ninth chapter (Bhagvad Geeta), “Arjun those who surrender exclusively to me, by my grace I maintain their all their needs.”

If we need a spiritual asset for success on this path, but we don’t have it God benevolently bestows it upon that devotee.

“Alright, you are having a little problem with detachment. Let me, by my grace, increase it for you.” You are not having a clear understanding, you’ve got foggy knowledge? Let me enlighten you.”

So he grants fulfilment, by bestowing upon the soul, what the soul lacks to complete his journey. He also protects, what the soul has accumulated.

So, you just have to become his devotee, he will manage everything, Surrender to him, and Don’t worry.

Guided Meditation for the Grace of God

Here is a guided meditation practice to receive god’s grace.

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What is God’s Grace?

In the Bible Jesus says that, “Grace is the dimension of divine activity that enables God to confront human indifference and rebellion with an inexhaustible capacity to forgive and to bless.”


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