Gaur Gopal Das Full Biography | Most inspiring life story

The excellent Gaur Gopal Das. He used to be an engineer but now has transitioned into a MONK, and the entire post is his story.

His story has a lot of incidences of being a Monk in modern-day India. He learned many profound life lessons from the world of Monks that he practices himself and preaches to all his clients.

Gaur Gopal Das Ji is also a huge personal brand in the country and an excellent corporate coach and motivational speaker. You can get a glimpse of his speeches, lectures and a positive attitude through this post.

How did his story embrace monkhood in the first place, how his thought process was before monkhood? How is thought processes today?

How he’s built one of the country’s most prominent personal brands today through pure hard work, pure spreading of positivity?

You can enjoy this post if it’s someone who chases the status of being legendary in life. If you pursue constant growth for your mind and intellect, it is a profound blog.

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Gaur Gopal Das Personal Infornmation.

Full NamePrabhu Gaur Gopal Das
Profession(s)Life Coach, Monk, Motivational Speaker
Famous AsSpiritual And Motivational Speaker
Eye ColourBlack
Hair ColourBald
Date of Birth1973
Age (as in 2021)47
College/UniversityCollege of Engineering Pune in 1995
Educational QualificationElectrical Engineering
HobbiesWriting, Travelling, Playing Piano
Marital StatusUnmarried
Siblings1 Sister
His Spiritual GuruGuru Radhanath Swami

His Starting 10 years

Gaur Gopal Das: 10 years have been the fruitful years of all he did in the years before. It’s like when you construct a building, you have a foundation, and you must spend most of your time building the foundation.

If your foundation is strong, then all the other building blocks on top can be built in the later stage.

So, he thought 15 years in the monastery in the Ashram were more of a foundation, and the last ten years been the building blocks to reach out, creating content that can be shared with the world.

He learned in his experiences and tried to see how it can reach out there and help transform in touch a life.

Childhood Story

His childhood was an average child in a middle-class family, but it’s fortunate and grateful to be surrounded by some good examples or people trying their best to better others’ lives.

He didn’t think he pictured himself as a person who would be a social media influencer. He didn’t know he portrayed himself as a leader.

He did picture himself as somebody who would try to make some difference, some back impact, some difference, some impact somewhere, and he thought it also came from being surrounded by people like those.

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How he helped financially poor students

Gaur Gopal Das grew up in a middle-class family in a small town near Pune.

He remembers in his neighbourhood; we had a gentleman who was a schoolteacher. At least four days a week in the evening’s, many students would come to his home for English grammar and spoken English classes.

These students were from vernacular backgrounds, and then later, he found out that this gentleman doesn’t charge; it was his purpose to make a difference to these kids by having them learn English.

Then as he grew up, he had a just around where he lived was a group of youngsters he would say like in the age group of about 18 to 24, 23, 24 about 50 to 60 of them they told their moms at every single time their moms would cook rice the moms would have to take a fistful of rice and put it in another pot like a box.

Once in among 50 people would bring all the rice together, gather some money from their parents, make some khichdi or dal and rice a sambar veg biryani something, and go to the destitute to go to the homeless needy and the poor and share it.

He saw his dad at home like these guys were doing it selflessly, just giving, and you know they didn’t have the money, but they were collecting and doing something.

His dad worked for this meteorological department of India, and he remembered seeing his dad paid for the job but wanting to do it so well that he would stay extra hours at work.

Sometimes he would go on weekly off days, you know, to do his work well so that someone somewhere gets the benefit of it.

So he thought he was fortunate and grateful to be surrounded by some good examples of people who either did it for free or were paid but did it so well they all wanted to make a difference in an impact on their own in fact, such was the experience of it.

As he was studying engineering, he decided he should try something like that. He went around and found tenth-grade students who were poor financially but way too lacking in mathematics.

So, he asked them if he could coach them and teach them mathematics. He taught mathematics two hours a day every single day for 365 days and then charge them and did it very well at maths and just seeing that smile on their face and their parents and the gratitude of their parents.

He thought that was the first-hand experience of what it takes to work, which means to make a difference what it means to make an impact.

How he decided to join the monastery

Before the monastery, he tasted the pudding of outstanding achievements.

He had been a university topper. He was a vocalist; he was a guitarist. So when he entered into an auditorium full of people.

He starts singing start striking some chords on the guitar academically.

So he tasted the pudding of achievements and tasted the pudding of control and power.

He came to the monastery, and it was pretty amazing. He was surrounded by 30 other monks who were either of similar ages or older. Each of them was from excellent academic institutions; probably some of them were gold medalists in their field and had great corporate experience and spiritual experience.

He took good training from his guru and the other monks around there.

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His first month in the monastery

Gour Gopal Das had been a pampered boy, a middle-class family but only Son. He had a younger sister, but he was the only son from a marvadi Jain family. Everything he wanted was given; everything he asked for was right there.

He was a spoiled boy in that sense. He never in his life ate a meal at home if it wasn’t made according to what he had asked. So, he only ate at home if what he asked for was cooked right.

Then he came to the ashram to the monastery, and he can’t choose his means. What it was cooked in the community kitchen and it served to everybody.

In the day in his ashram, he had to eat that their monastery didn’t have enough money. So, five days a week, they got the same vegetable, the cheapest one, and that was the curry with some rice and dal, and initially, his mind was like rebelling.

He came from a family look pampered, and when he came there, and everything’s like he had to confirm it but eat whatever is available.

Then he realized for what he came there? Did he join the monastery or the ashram for luxurious fine palatable food, or did he come there for a much larger purpose than those little things around his life?

The more he started tuning into his sense of purpose, something way higher than Beast little things around.

He realized that those things weren’t bothering him that much.

He always suggested people, especially the youth, “don’t allow your mind to be distracted from what are your purposes, what are your goal is all that you go through as in the ups and downs you experience is only an outcome of taking your eyes off your goal.”

The lack of facility would not depress them, and the presence of luxury and facility did not distract them.

There was a lack of facility, but today there is an abundance of the facility in a monastery.

Gaur Gopal Das lived in South Mumbai downtown. They’re surrounded by luxury all over the place.

So, then back in the day, there was nothing, and today there’s so much. Still, because the attention is on purpose at that time, he learned from his training and from his experience, he could take a lot in his stride because he kept shifting his attention to what he was meant to do.

 That was to deepen his spiritual calling and how to strategize to share that experience with the world.

Gaur Gopal did a lot for teenagers. He is a motivational speaker also. Owns a Youtube Channel, having more than 3.6 Million Subscribers. He is an inspiration for all of us.

Gaur Gopal Das daily Monastery routine

His regular day starts at anywhere between half three and four quarter past four, even today. But if he had a late night flight that slander’d late would mean it goes into one or two hours later but usually never after 6:00.

It’s usually between 3:30 and a half or so that’s when the day begins and then they had their group meditation, prayer sessions in the ashram where we all come together which goes all the way till quarter past seven and then breakfast then all came together for discussions. These discussions on Scripture on spiritual principles

Must Read These 5 books by Gour Gopal Das

If Gaur Gopal Das had the ability to give books to every single human being in the world. Those 5 books will be:-

1). Bhagavad Gita

2) Journey Home

3) Why Leaders Eat Last

4) Positive Personality Profile Types

5) The Mahabharata

Quotes By Gour Gopal Das

“Live, love, laugh, lead and leave. That’s Life.”

Our experience in life depends on what we focus on. If we change our focus, We can change our life

A satisfying life is not a privilege of a few. It is the birthright of every human being.

Right things are not always easy to do, but they pay us back with an excellent reward in long run.

Even a small part of our morning spent in self-awareness can make a large difference in the way we lead our day.

“There are no shortcuts in life. Doing small things correctly and consistently will help reach our true potential.”

“Every moment lived well is the secret of overall wellness.”

“Passion is about figuring out what you are great at and what you love to do.”

“Always remember that your most important project is you. You won’t be able to work on anything or anyone unless you have worked on yourself.”

Now, it’s your turn to share his life story with those who love Gaur Gopal Das. Thanks in advance 🙂


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