Is it Ok to Masturbate? Does Masturbation Hurt Your spirituality- By Sadhguru

Sadhguru answered the students’ questions about masturbation, whether masturbation is good or bad, and whether wasting semen can cause mental harm. 

Today approximately 95% of men and 88% of women masturbate.

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In this post, we will discuss, Is it ok to masturbate and the importance of our semen. We will also try to understand this in both spiritual and scientific ways.

Sadhguru’s words are a little bit hard to understand, but you will appreciate this if you read the post carefully. This post can transform you.

SadhguruSemen is of an extraordinary level of potency.

You are using it to spill it on the bedsheets. If that’s how you’re using it, well, that’s your compulsion.

We have biology; we cannot put it under the carpet; it is there. The body has its needs. As there is physical hunger, so there is sexuality but to what extent is your choice.

So, in the yogic culture, this is called “Viryam.” It is one of the most potent things. It has a potency if you know how to explore it.

For those who don’t know Sadhguru, let’s read a quick intro about him, and then we will jump into the topic.

Sadhguru is a realized yogi and mystic who works tirelessly towards the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of all with a unique ability to make the ancient yogic sciences relevant to contemporary minds.

Sadhguru acts as a bridge to the deeper dimensions of life. His approach does not ascribe to any belief system but offers self-transformation methods that are both proven and powerful. Sadhguru’s transformational programs have deeply touched the lives of millions worldwide.

Now let’s come back to the topic.

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Is it ok to Masturbate?

Is it ok to masturbatePin

Questioner: Namaskaram Sadhguru. I want to know that when a student steps into college, all of a sudden, he or she gets access to a vast amount of pornographic material, which so far was off-limits for him or her.

And in the process, he or she enjoys that, and they experiences heaven on earth, and we even have nicknames for those who overdo it; they masturbate. We overdo it sometimes. How do we know how good or bad, and can we have the truth about masturbation?

Sadhguru: Oh, looks like a popular question, hmmm? See, we have biology; we cannot put it under the carpet. It’s there.

We should address it for what it is. Still, right now, the world’s problem is that certain religious institutions in the world took this attitude that the very biology of the human being is wrong; because of this, culture started hiding it under the carpet.

In Indian culture, we never had it, but after the British came and left, we became more prudish than the British. Before that, if you look at our temples, all the outside temple art is pornographic, if that’s what you want to call it.

But we don’t call it pornographic; we are only talking about the various dimensions of human biology because we don’t see it as wrong, but we see it as the periphery of life.

If you stay there only, you will remain in the physical dimension forever; you will not explore anything else.

So, in the temple, art always is the periphery; you are supposed to look at that and understand it’s the periphery of life and attempt to go deeper.

But at the same time, not to be in denial of it – not to glorify it or not to be in denial of it is the most important thing.

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Someone told me I don’t know if these percentages are correct.

When I asked what the content was, I understood the internet and its content – what is actual content on the internet?

They told me “Seventy percent,” I said, “Seventy percent is unreasonable and sick levels of pornography.”

If it occupies a small percentage, it’s okay. Seventy percent of a technological platform, which could do millions of things, unfortunately, is pornographic.

It isn’t good; your biology is not the front end of your life once you come as a human being.

This cerebral capability came so that your intelligence becomes the front end of your life, and if you become conscious, your consciousness becomes the front end of your life. 

Biology is the front end of a bull. It’s okay for him, that’s all he knows, but biology should not be the front end of human life.

It is part of our life; we do not deny it. So, at a particular stage in your life, it’s like this.

A ninety-five-year-old man went for a medical checkup with his doctor. The doctor did a thorough checkup and said, “Hey, old boy, you’re doing great for ninety-five, no problem with you.”

Then the old man asked, “Doctor, but what about my sex life?” Then the doctor looked at him and asked, “Thinking about it or talking about it?”

So, at different life stages, there are sometimes you only thinking about it and talking about it, there are sometimes you indulge in it.

These are passing phases of life. How much of it is needed for you? You are the best judge. But at the same time, you came here not to explore your biology.

At least it would help if you had gone to an MSc in biology.

It would help if you weren’t wasting your time in a technological institute exploring biology. Does it mean to say you don’t have biology? Don’t you have biological needs?

You have, it’s okay, but it must be on the periphery. 

It should not become the core of your life because it will reduce you, in a sense, a purely biological creature, evolved into a place that has an intelligence of its own beyond its biology.

See, animal intelligence works for its biology alone. How to get its food, how to get its mate, this is all its entire life is. 

If human intelligence also functions like that, you are bellying the evolutionary process.

You see how to go back, take the evolutionary process backward. Not necessary. This does not mean you do not have a body.

The body has its needs, as there is physical hunger, so there is sexuality. You have to address it in some way, but to what extent, is your choice.


It should not be the front end of your life because you’re rolling back the evolutionary scheme of putting your intelligence and consciousness in the front. Instead of that, you are putting your biology in the show. (Applause)

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Does Masturbation Hurt Your Spiritual Possibilities?

Importance of SemenPin

Questioner: How important is a man’s semen for physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing? Can wasting our semen damage us spiritually?

Sadhguru: Well, you know semen is the basis of your physical existence, whether you’re a man or a woman. You have come into the fact because that is fifty percent of the ingredient. Yes?

We have skin; we have epithelial cells; we have hair; we have many other body aspects. You know heart, liver, kidney, so many things.

All these cells are of a particular potency in their way. But semen is of an extraordinary level of power. It can create a whole new life.

Well, today, you can take an epithelial cell and do a lot of things in a laboratory, and maybe we can clone you, all right?

So, the potential is here also. But it is not in the same dynamics as it is in the cell, which is… which you refer to as semen.

So, in the yogic culture, this is called “Virya.”

Virya also refers to what you call “Vajra,” which means stability or diamond, which is the hardest thing. So, in the human body, virya is considered to be like vajra.

That means it is one of the most potent things if you know how to use it. Well, how to use it means you can use it to produce a child. That’s one thing.

This question is coming because you’re using it to spill it on the bedsheets.

If that’s how you’re using it, well, that’s your compulsion. Whatever you’re doing, and this is not something to be judged morally.

That’s not the point. It’s a question of what is the level of compulsion that one has. But anything in this body, can it be transformed into a different level of function? Absolutely.

Not just semen, just everything in this body can be transformed. See, suppose I gave you all soup-making ingredients, same soup-making ingredients to every one of you. Do you believe all of you will produce the same soup?

Participants: No.

Sadhguru: No. You will produce five hundred varieties of soups, though same ingredients. That’s all that has happened with us right now.

All of us are fundamentally the same ingredients but see how different each one of us is? Different soups.

If I give you soup-making ingredients, either you can make a great soup or a lousy soup. It depends on what kind of skills you have.

So, this goes for everything, not just for semen.

Every dimension of your body and your mind you can transform into something tremendous or you can make it mediocre or you can make it a severe problem.

People are making it literal translations, but if you want to produce specific epithelial cells, how much energy the body spends on them. If you’re going to have a cell that you call semen, how much power the body consumes is very different. This can be scientifically established.

So, when you’re investing so much energy in sperm, it has a potency if you know how to explore it.

But are you competent to explore, are you capable of analyzing, do you have the necessary sadhana and guidance to do that? That’s a big question mark.

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Q1. What Sadhguru Says about masturbation?

Ans. Sadhguru says that Semen is of an extraordinary level of potency. If we understood how to use it we can become something really fantastic. Semen is of an extraordinary level of potency. It can create a whole new life.

Q2. What is the Meaning of sperm in Yogic culture?

Ans. So, in the yogic culture, Sperm is called as “Viryam.” It is one of the most potent things.

Q3. What does semen mean in Yogic Culture?

Ans. In yogic culture semen or sperm is known as Virya. Virya also refers to what you call “Vajra” which means stability or diamond, which is the hardest thing. So, in the human body, virya is considered to be like vajra.

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