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Power of Bhakti

Once Narad ji was in Vrindavan. There he found a Gopi sitting in meditation. So, Narad thought, “What does the Gopi meditate upon? I have heard of Niranjan dhyan. I have also heard of Surandhan dhyan. But what is the dhyan of the Gopi?”

So, Narad sat down beside (the Gopi). After an hour, when the Gopi opened her eyes, Narad said, “O Devi, can you please satisfy my curiosity? What were you meditating upon?”

The Gopi said, “Narad Ji, forget it.” No! please, please (Narad noted).

“Forget it (the Gopi replied).” Narad said,” You know, I am so curious you are not telling me. My curiosity is increasing further. You have to say to me.”

The Gopi said, “I was trying to take my mind away from Shri Krishna.” She is sitting and trying to yank her mind away from God.

Narad said, “What! Everybody tries to draw the mind away from the world, and on to God, you are doing the reverse?”

Gopi said, “What to do? His form is so embedded in my mind. Whatever I do, he lands up there! If I am churning the butter, it seems that he is coming and dropping the pots. If I am cleaning the floors, it seems he is running on it. If I am putting the children to sleep, it looks like he is waking them up. Now I understand that it is not him. It’s my mind playing tricks. My mind has got so unified with him that his form comes everywhere. That is why I was striving so hard to take my mind away from him. But I am now succeeding.”

Now Narad was highly impressed. He said, “Big yogis in their meditation strive that somehow or the other they should withdraw the mind from the world, and attach it at the feet of God.

But they fail. Look at this Gopi she is trying the reverse sadhana, and not succeeding that is the power of Bhakti.”

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Why Choose Bhakti Yoga over Gyan Yoga

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That universal grace will not liberate us from Maya.

We need a particular class. That special grace is received when we surrender to him.

So, in the path of Bhakti, we depend upon the grace of God. So that grace makes such a big difference.

What has the soul accumulated?- spiritual armory

Detachment, faith, knowledge, determination, etc. all the ingredients for success on the spiritual path, God maintains it for the soul. So that is his resolve, his promise.

That is why again, Krishna says in the 9th chapter.

He says, “Arjuna avow it my devotee shall never perish!” It is a promise “My devotee shall never perish.”

But God is not declaring it. He is telling Arjuna, “You declare it.”

It’s fascinating. Everywhere Krishna is saying, “Arjuna, I am saying this. I am doing this. This is the result. This is the consequence.”

But here he says, “Arjuna, you declare it. My devotee shall never perish.” Why?

To emphasize it even further. Because God sometimes breaks his promise. Once in a while. 

To protect the promise of his devotee. Suppose there is a clash like there was a clash in the time of Bhishma. Shri Krishna resolved, “I will not lift weapons.” Bhishma determined, “I will make you lift weapons.”

So, Shri Krishna broke his promise to keep his devotee’s promise, and he lifted that chariot wheel. The supreme God loves his devotees so much. He ensures that their word is kept.

So, he says, “Arjuna, you declare it- My devotee shall never perish. And I promise to ensure that your word will come true.” 

What needs to be noted very carefully is that his devotee shall never perish, so the path of devotion attracts grace. The way of Gyan Yoga is based on self-effort. The clear distinction to be borne in mind.

Nyaya Darshan calls this Markat Kishore Nyaya (The baby monkey logic) So, what is this Markat Kishore Nyaya?

Markat Kishore Nyaya
Marjar kishore

See, the baby monkey is obliged to hang on the mother by its strength. The mother doesn’t have an obligation. The mother may assist once in a while.

You know, sometimes, when it has to do a long jump, it holds the monkey tight. Otherwise, it just climbs, grabs and the baby had better hold on. If the baby is not strong enough and it falls, it has to face the consequences.

So in the case of the markat kishore the baby is responsible on its own. And there is the Marjar kishore, (Baby kitten)

The baby kitten is so tiny compared to the baby monkey. You know the kitten when it is born; it’s a bit delicate thing. But it has absolutely no fear because the mother is protecting it.

If the kitten needs to be carried from one place to the other, the mother lifts the kitten and takes it from here to there.

So, similarly is the distinction between these two paths. The path of Gyan yoga is like markat kishore nyaya, and the path of Bhakti Yoga is like the marjar kishore nyaya.

You know like if you have to go from here to the airport, you have various options. You could sit in a car and go. Or you could walk and reach there, or somebody says I will go on my hands.

So, why not choose the easy path? If we can reach God only by devotion, then why do hard things? Therefore Bhakti Yoga is the easiest and most effective yoga.

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