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What is Shambhavi Mahamudra?

Shambhavi Mahamudra is a miraculous process because in twenty-one minutes what it is doing to you is quite incredible.

The longevity of something, the competence, capability, impactfulness, everything is determined by how well something is engineered. Why do you think it’s not true with you?

Living life, body takes its beating. Your mental structure also takes its beating depending upon what you face, what kind of situations you go through, many kinds of aberrations happen both with body and mind.

So, the idea is to keep your energies in such a way that they are proactive in fixing all the aberrations that happen on a daily basis. Depending upon how intensely active you keep your energy system, accordingly, the repair jobs happen that quickly.

So, everyday repair jobs need to happen, because this is an internally maintained machine. So, that dimension of energy within you, if it’s kept at a certain level, there is no wear and tear, very little.

when you’re feeling so wonderful within yourself, what somebody is thinking about you, doesn’t matter.


Shambhavi a miraculous tool

The practice is not really a practice in that sense. When I say “not really a practice,” there are other kinds of practices which you do to build the system to another level. This practice is more like consecration.

Once you’re consecrated, all you have to do is, just keep the place clean, that’s all. On a daily basis, just clean it up a bit and keep it, rest will happen.

And this makes life quite effortless, and brings you to ease because once energies are like this, what you intend, what you want, will naturally start moving your way. You don’t have to really struggle with every little thing.

It gives you the freedom to choose today how you want to be. It doesn’t matter how you have been in the last ten years. Today, it will give you the freedom to choose.

Well, just about anything can freak you, have you seen? So, if you’re less freaky, as time goes, you are less and less impacted by things around you.

You have less and less strong likes and dislikes around you. Life comes to ease. “I hate her”. Now, I can’t sit here at ease. “Ah, it doesn’t matter, she hates me, but I’m okay. Okay, if she hates me, I’m not going to go and tell her ‘I love you,’ but it’s okay.

If she burns with hate, it’s her problem. I’m okay.” This freedom it will give you with life that outside forces cannot define who you are, and that’s very, very important.

What happens when you do Shambhavi

Do you see this body – as we have been going through this again and again to the same point. When it was born it was so small, now it became this much. Definitely you didn’t need any external stretching help to get it to this size, isn’t it?

That which is the source of creation, what you refer to as the creator seem to be functioning from within you. Isn’t it so? Yes?

The creator is functioning, that means the manufacturer of this body and this existence seems to be functioning from within you. If the manufacturer is inside if you allow him to function, fixing small flaws in the body you think it’ll be a problem?

So, Shambhavi Mahamudra is just creating a passage so that your innermost core functions. If you allow it to function, the nature of this – in yoga we refer to the your innermost core as the bliss body.

People have always talked for ages that if you come in contact with God you will become blissful, you know, Brahmanand? You know, they have been talking about this? See, it’s different ways of presenting it.

Your innermost core is referred to as bliss body. Now, all we are trying to do is the physical body, the mental body, the pranic body and the etheric body we are aligning it in such a way so that the innermost core within you, the bliss body finds expression.

The Shambhavi is not creating ecstasy. The Shambavi is just aligning these four so that this one, the source of creation finds expression.

If the source of creation within you, the creator finds expression, fixing your heart, liver or kidney you think it’s a big problem?

Manufacturer, when he comes out and begins to function everything is fixed. You will see miraculously health will become okay. I can show you thousands and thousands of people who come out of their ailments just like that, like a miracle. Is it a miracle?

Anything that you don’t understand you will call it a miracle, isn’t it? Either there is no miracle in life, everything happens between cause and effect or everything is a miracle. Isn’t this life a miracle?

You and me sitting here on this round planet which is going at a tremendous speed, is it not a miracle?

You are reading this and I am writing all this nonsense? Is it not a miracle? So, if you look at it, if you have eyes to see, everything is a miracle or nothing is a miracle.

Scientific Research on Shambhavi Mahamudra

Chronic ailments like diabetes, hypertension, asthma, eating disorders, and many of these kinds which are all essentially generated from within, all these things can be quelled from within if only we are willing to pay a certain level of attention to the innermost dimension of who we are.

Inner engineering is a powerful process of approaching the inner core of who you are in a scientific manner and this is definitely a way to create a healthful life.

Recently, these papers have been published. A certain group of scientists and doctors in United States from Indiana University, some from Harvard University and Florida, they studied people who have been practicing Inner Engineering.

The genetic tendencies are changing simply with the Inner Engineering practices. So, they recorded all these things, the biomarkers and everything.

Higher BDNF

One thing that determines the nature of your experience and your mental and emotional condition is what is called as BDNF, that is Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factors.

BDNF- Shambhavi mahamudra scientific studyPin
BDNF deficiency can cause these problemsPin
Healthier levels of BDNFPin

So, the BDNF is higher in a positive way, three-fourth in 90 days that means keeping your emotions in balance, keeping in a good state of experience and sharpness of mind and pleasantness of experience shouldn’t even be a problem.


There is another dimension. You know what is a cannabinoid? In India, it is known as ganja or everywhere else it’s known as marijuana.

In different places it’s known by different names. But essentially, these are plant extracts which have a certain influence on the mood and experience of the person.

But there are millions of cannabis receptors both in your brain and across the body. Because you’re supposed to produce it, you’re not supposed to smoke it.

So now, with the Inner Engineering practices, the biomarkers clearly establish that your endocannabinoid production is significantly higher. That means you’re stoned by yourself. You don’t need any outside help.

But the impact of the endocannabinoids compared to the cannabinoids that come from outside are very, very different. It makes you intoxicated and super alert at the same time. Because along with it, certain other secretions happen.

220 genes Elevated

Genes which are fundamentally responsible for your immune system are also highly enhanced. So from the laboratories in America, from the top universities in America, it’s coming, that clearly they’re saying 220 genes which activate your immune system, they’re all elevated because of the practice.

Your Brain Develops

You didn’t drop from heaven as some people believe, you evolved. The qualities of an amoeba, an earthworm, a grasshopper, a buffalo, every kind of beast that evolution went through, elements of those qualities are still with you.

So, these are all compulsive tendencies, the evolutionary process, the modern neurology recognizes that there is a part of your brain which is reptilian, which is approximately the size of your fist.

That means it’s at that stage of development, which is instinctive and does things in a certain way.

But over that a flower of cerebral cortex evolved which is happening, which happened after human spine became erect, which is what makes you human, which is what gives you thoughts about universality of the existence, which is what gives you an idea that everything is one, which is what allows you to be a scientist, this is what allows you to be a spiritual seeker.

But if you go back to this, all you have is instincts of survival. So, the entire process, the human effort through education, through spiritual process, through meditation everything is to move away from this and function from the outer dimension, which is a more recent happening, but this gives you a sense of seamless way of approaching life.

Becoming Boundaryless

If you go to the reptilian brain of who you are, fixing boundaries is all that you know. So whenever you are having problems with people around you, always wanting to fix your boundaries, this is mine, this is yours, my space, your space, my air, your air; when it comes, you must know you’ve gotten here.

Now the spiritual process, the yogic dimension is looking at how to make this, because if you function only from one aspect of your brain, it will work, but not enough.

You’re not using all of it, there is evidence to show that the reptilian brain can become more transparent and starts communicating with the outside part of the brain.

There are experiments, there are studies which show that with certain practices of meditativeness, reptilian brain which is always about fixing boundaries will begin to communicate with the outer part of the cerebral cortex and it function as one brain.

Now human intelligence is functioning in a very unifying way, not in a divisive way. Not in in a way that you will become exclusive, you will become inclusive.

Inclusiveness is not a philosophy. Inclusiveness is the nature of the existence. No other creature is able to realize this.

They’re all busy fixing boundaries. The dog is peeing all over the place, not because of urinary problems but he’s establishing a kingdom. Human beings are not any different.

They’re doing the same things in a different way. This is mine, that is mine, that is mine, that is mine, fixing a kingdom.

When it’s possible, push it a little bit. When it’s possible, push it a little bit, not possible, put the wall, happening all the time.

Becoming wiser with Time

Shambhavi Mahamudra, just a simple practice for 21 minutes increases brain function and neuronal regeneration. This means as you grow old, you will become more intelligent.

Usually, young people think you’re getting stupid. Yes, your brain is actually growing. You understand?

It’s getting better by the day. Now there is scientific evidence. We always knew this, but today, a meter has to say it. If a man says it, it’s not true. If a man says it, it’s doubtful, but a meter has to say it, now the meters are saying it.

The meters are saying your brain is actually growing by doing a simple 21-minute practice and you don’t believe the meter.

You just do the practice for three months and see you will see how clear and how smart your mind is suddenly.

5 Amazing Benefits of Shambhavi Mahamudra

#1. you will see your body and mind recovers from just about anything, very quickly, just like that, simply because your life energies are kept in an effervescent manner with Shambhavi.

#2. Within six weeks of practice, you will start feeling this, that outside forces are there, but they don’t really determine the direction of your course of action.

#3. Shambhavi makes life quite effortless, and brings you to ease.

#4. Shambhavi Mahamudra higher BDNF in a positive way that means keeping your emotions in balance, keeping in a good state of experience and sharpness of mind and pleasantness of experience shouldn’t even be a problem.

#5. It increases brain function and neuronal regeneration. This means as you grow old, you will become more intelligent.

#6. Shambhavi helps in eliminating stress, anxiety and fear.

#7. Improve communication and interpretational relationships.

#8. Enhance mental clarity, emotional balance and productivity.

#9. Maintain alertness and high energy throughout the day.

Shambhavi Mahamudra Experience

There are not thousand but millions of people who changed their life by doing this 21 minutes simple kriya. Here are some amazing experiences shared by practitioner who were initiated in this kriya.

Practitioner – So something that I particularly noticed is how comfortable I am within myself. My insecurities seem to have reduced a lot. My relationship with others also had improved significantly. I think I became more inclusive than what I was before.

Practitioner – Up until Shambhavi, in January 2021, I’ve just been living with pain in the body.

The first result I’d like to point out about Shambhavi Kriya is that it’s had a tremendous effect on my physical well-being. Somehow, some way I don’t know the science behind it but it’s keeping me free of pain, being able to sit without noticing my body for a long, long periods of time that has just had tremendous impact on my mental and emotional stability.

You will find many videos on YouTube, where people sharing their extraordinary experience on Shambhavi and how it changed their life completely.

Is Receiving Shambhavi Kriya Online As Impactful As In-Person

Once, a practitioner asked Sadhguru, is Shambhavi Kriya Online as impactful as in person? Then Sadhguru answered this question like this-

Sadhguru: Well, nothing changed and anyway, we are not initiating online. There is no such thing as offline initiation and online initiation. Initiation process, particularly for Shambhavi, is more like a consecration of a human form.

This is like an induction. Does this happen offline or online? There’s no such thing. As I’ve said repeatedly many times probably, I have initiated more people who I have never seen in my life than people whom I have seen. This doesn’t mean I initiated them online. This happened well before online came; this has been happening forever.

The important thing is just this. The entire program, the physical programs we’ve been conducting or now the online programs we’re conducting, essentially is about knocking on your door.

How much knocking do you need on your head is different from person to person. Yes, you will get the same results by doing Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya online. Just do it well, no matter you are doing it online or offline.

Why Inner Engineering Course is not Free?

Sadhguru– See, if you want to get into university, you are looking for a certain kind competence. If you want to get in your school, a different kind of competence.

But you want to get into spiritual process. So you must understand this-

When it comes to individual bodies, they are differently capable. When it comes to individual minds, they are differently capable.

When it comes inner dimensions, all of us are equally capable. So, because everybody has merit, they have to pay donation.

There was a time when Sadhguru experimented, no donation programs. Just come. Free, he will do it. Even now there are many programs in Isha which are free. But now they have acquired a certain reputation.

When Sadhguru wants to deliver a spiritual process, it costs his life. If he don’t throw out his energies, it is not going to happen.

Ask people who had been through the programs, they get blown away. They are not getting blown away by nothing. Because it costs his life. You have to throw your life into it.

He don’t want to throw his life at irresponsible people. That is why he charge for inner engineering, because if someone pays for it then they are not going to leave it.

Unfortunately, it is still true for most human beings. If they say, “I am going to come for this program for three days.”

In between if they get a message. They will say, “Sadhguru I need to go.” So, let them pay 5000rs, they don’t go.

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