The Fastest Way to Destroy Bad Karma (Secrets From Srimad-Bhagavatham)

You may have a question in your mind about how you can change your destiny? Can puja or astrological predictions change our destiny? How can we clear our negative past karmas?

So, in this post, you will get all the answers about bad Karma and the fastest way to destroy them.

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How to Destroy Bad Karma (The Fastest Way)

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The negative past karmas have prescribed processes for their clearance, which is called Prayaschit. The word for it in Sanskrit is penitence.

You did sin do the penance, and it will be destroyed. But the problem is, we all have had endless lifetimes, and we have done endless negative karmas in all these lives.

Now, how much penance are you going to do to destroy them all?

Dhritarashtra, after the Mahabharata, asked lord, Krishna. He said, β€œI am an old man, and a hundred of my sons have died in my lifetime. What sin did I do to suffer this karmic reaction?β€œ

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So Lord Krishna said, β€œYou did not do any such karma in this life. What about your past life?” Now Dhritarashtra had the boon; he remembered his past three lives.

He said, β€œNo in the last life also I didn’t do any such thing.” Lord Krishna said, β€œThe life before?” He said, β€œNo.” Krishna again asked, β€œThe life before that?” Dhritarashtra again replied, β€œNot there as well.β€œ

Lord Krishna said, β€œWhat about the life prior to it?” he said, β€œI don’t remember.” Shri Krishna said, β€œYou only remember three of your lives. Your karmas are from endless past lifetimes.” They are called Sanchit karmas.

Now, with the help of puja and Prayaschit, if you wish to destroy these karmas, you will have to keep doing for lifetimes. And infinity minus infinity is still infinity (in the spiritual realm). There will be no end to it.

Suppose, let us say for a moment that you could destroy all the past negative karmas. The heart is still not cleansed. It’s like somebody does sin and goes to jail.

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By fulfilling his jail term, the sin is destroyed; in the eyes of a society, that person is no longer a criminal, but the heart is unclean.

He comes out and does the sin again. Sitting in jail, people keep planning; okay, when we go out, you join my gang, I will join your gang.

So the heart is not cleansed, and even if the heart is cleansed, the cause for the unclean heart is the Aryan, the ignorance.

So, if we wish to get rid of the whole problem, we need to do Bhakti. Bhakti will destroy your karmas of past lives, clean your heart, and remove ignorance, which is the reason for the unclean heart. 

The Shrimad Bhagavatam says that just like fog is destroyed by the rising sun, all the negative karmas of past lives will be burnt away if you engage in purified selfless Bhakti. That is the way to do it and change your destiny.

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What is the Fastest way to Destroy bad Karma?

According to Shrimad Bhagavatam the fastest way to destroy our bad karmas is by doing Bhakti. Bhakti will clean your heart, and it will remove the ignorance, which is the reason for the unclean heart and all the suffering.


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