What is an Aura By Sadhguru | Why Clean Aura and 3 Methods to do it | Aura Colour test

If you are in this post you might have these questions in your mind like- What is an Aura? How does it looks? What is the colour of Aura? How does it affect our life? If it affects our life then how to cleanse it?

So, if you have any question related to this topic then you are on a right page. Here Sadhguru (a yogi and a Mystic) reveals all the secrets about Aura.

So, I will suggest you to read the full post carefully and don’t skip even a single word. At the end we will do a test to find the colour of your Aura. Are you ready? Let’s start…

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What is an Aura

Sadhguru Explaining Aura: Every substance on the planet has a certain field of energy around it or what you see as substance on the planet is actually energy.

It’s a scientific fact that the whole existence is energy. One part of the energy (the creator) has manifested itself into a certain level of reverberation which makes it a physical form.

Another part of the energy does not manifest itself into a physical form but it still has a form. So, that form which is not yet physical or refuses to become physical but still maintains a form, that’s an aura …or that’s being called an aura.

Auras are of many kinds. One can carry from a pitch black aura to a pure white aura. Between these two, there are a million shades.

What can an Aura do

Essentially the physical, mental, emotional and energy status of who you are right now in a certain way is represented by your aura; or it’s visible through the aura.

Too many fancy things have been told about it by the new age community today. Lot of it is fiction but there is some substance to it. I don’t think you should concern yourself about such things.

How to see an Aura

Don’t try to see people’s aura. Aura is the periphery of the person. I would like you to look little more at the core of the being rather than looking at the surface.

Surface is for the doctors, because they want to fix some physical part that may be going wrong with somebody.

Surface should not be the interest of a spiritual seeker. This is more surface than the skin; what you call as aura is even more superficial than the skin because it’s even further out.

So, the necessary insight gives you a certain access to the nature of the person but you’re only looking at the psychological, emotional and physical structure of the human being.

Why you Should ignore seeing an Aura

It is best, people on the spiritual path ignore the aura, yours and everybody’s and focus on the core. If you’re focused on the core you will have a wonderful aura. If you’re focus is on the surface you will have a miserable aura.

So don’t keep looking at other people’s aura and your own. It’s time you looked at the core of your life and that one.

You know people said beauty is skin deep. Yes certain type of beauty is skin deep. You wouldn’t like somebody with their skin peeled off. If you saw somebody’s skin peeled off you wouldn’t think they’re beautiful even if they’re the same people; that way – yes. But aura is not even skin deep, so it’s not worth spending time on it.

If you become conscious of the core the surface may be just visible to you, but you trying to see and read people’s aura is a stupid thing to do; you’ll waste your life trying to do such things. If you’re conscious, if your perception is enhanced you may see things. It’s good to see things which are there.

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Why cleaning your Aura is important

Sadhguru: Aura is the subtle manifestation of everything that you are. If you look at one’s aura, you clearly know his physical health, his mental health, his karmic structure.

In a way his past and present, if he is stupid, even his future. Yes. Only if you are stupid we can tell your future, otherwise we can only tell your past. Yes.

So … Aura is a certain manifestation of yourself. A subtler manifestation in the physical body. Keeping it clean is good.

Is keeping your body clean good? Even if you don’t understand, somebody sitting next to you understands that it’s good, It’s good to keep your body clean. It’s good to keep your mind clean. It’s good to keep everything that is you clean.

I am not trying to teach you sanitation. What I am saying is, if we want to do something with anything, first thing is we purify.

If you want to take anything to a higher possibility, first thing is to purify. Without purification you cannot do anything better than the way it is right now.

So purifying your body and your mind for this we have taught you many methods – practices, food, this, that, so many aspects, to keep your body and mind clean.

How to Clean one’s Aura

1. Doing Sadhana

Aura is a manifestation, it’s not a presence by itself. But, if you’re doing sadhana and if you’re improving your system, what you manifested yesterday or what you manifested ten years ago, may be still hanging around you and not allowing you to become what you want to be. So, that can be cleansed. Doing certain Sadhana can really clean your body.

2. Have a Shower

Have you noticed that when you have a shower, or bath as we say in India, which is not a dip but pouring of water over your body, when you let water go over you, you’re not just cleaning the physical self, that is you are not just cleaning the skin, something else also gets cleaned.

Let’s say you’re feeling very angry, agitated and all kinds of things happening within you, you just go have a shower and come out, you feel (Gasps) All the nonsense kind of washed off.

So, a shower is not just about cleaning the skin of your body, you can cleanse the aura to some extent because what you call as body is a manifestation or a play of five elements.

So you can give yourself a water bath. You can similarly give yourself a wind bath. You must see this. Suppose there is a gentle breeze blowing you just went and stood like this (Gestures), suppose you wear thin clothes and simply stand like this, after some time you feel hooooo(relieved). Have you noticed that? Have you noticed this?

You feel so clean and you feel like transparent and you want to fly away. Wind can do that, it should be just at the right …velocity and feel and temperature and everything, if it’s right, you will see, wind just cleanses you. wind bath ! We can also give you a mud bath.

Similarly you can have a fire bath. So what’s being done in the temple is a fire bath, because you know she is Bhairavi. You just give yourself a fire bath, of course you can’t pour it over your body, you just touch the aura of your body in a certain way.

There are certain patterns running in your aura, along the tracks you run the fire, you will see suddenly you will feel bright and clear.

You know this, people from Indian origin you clearly know this in your homes, your grandmothers were taking off drishti for you. Aura cleansing.

Maybe some of your grandmothers knew how exactly to do it. Some of them didn’t know, with ignorance they did simply something. If it’s properly done, it’ll work wonderfully well, If it’s simply done somehow, still works partially.

Any number of times people might have noticed children are sick, if they just do little fire bath, suddenly they are fine. Have you noticed this?

Because it’s just a fire bath and it does things to the system. So…what is being given in the temple as Klesha Nashana Kriya, that means a process which destroys impurities is in English Aura Cleansing , is to take away the impurities from the aura, so that the body breathes better and feels better, in terms of health, well-being, mental balance, everything.

3. Using Neem

The Neem – they used only the leaf on you? I think they should have used the stick. The neem stick is good you know, it awakens lots of people.

In India if you are acting little funny and possessed they can beat the devil out of you with the neem stick. Neem is a very cleansing thing.

If you’re eating the morning ball, you know your stomach will be clean. If you have any kind of infection stuff in this country, they would always put you on a bed of neem leaf, because it’s a great cleanser of the system and a great energizer.

So the leaf has tremendous medicinal properties and very strong pranic reverberations that and it’s bitter enough to get the devil out of you. So you can also use neem to clean your Aura.

4. Chanting Mantra or Meditation

You know Mantras are very powerful, they can tremendously affect your life. Mantras are different from any word, because they are well organized sounds that can do miracle in your system.

But you may thinking, how a mantra can do soo much things? Let me explain you, today modern Scientists are also proving that the whole universe is a sound.

So when we have the right technique to use those sounds, then we can open the doors of other dimensions in our life. So here is a mantra to clean your Aura. Just sin in a cross leg posture, eyes closed and chant this Mantra.


By just canting this mantra you can clean your aura, first try and then make any conclusions.

What is the Colour of your Aura (Aura Test)

Now we know many things about the invisible manifestation of the creator (Aura), so I am sure that you are eager to find the colour of your Aura.

Purple, Blue, White or Red? What colour does your Aura have? Let’s find it out. I will ask 10 questions and you have to answer them correctly. So, are you ready? The results will amaze you for sure. Remember that there is no wrong answer. Let’s start now.

NOTE– Make sure you you choose the correct option, higher number does not mean good aura or lower star does not mean you have a bad Aura.

Q1. What is your favourite flavour?

  • Sweet (3)
  • Spicy (1)
  • Salty (2)
  • Sour (4)

Q2. Which place makes you feel most peaceful?

  • A small town (2)
  • A large big city (1)
  • A mountain forest (4)
  • The sea (3)

3. Which of the following colours would you rather wear?

  • Red/Orange (1)
  • Purple (2)
  • Blue (4)
  • White (3)

4. Which of these animals perfects your personality?

  • A Slow Turtle (4)
  • A loyal Puppy (2)
  • A fierce lion (1)
  • A dove (3)

5. Where are you mostly likely to be in your dream?

  • My home (4)
  • At school (1)
  • A lake, beach or other watery location (3)
  • Somewhere from my past (2)

6. Which of the following makes you the happiest?

  • Success or winning
  • Being in nature
  • Laughing
  • Romance

7. Choose an Earth element

  • Fire (1)
  • Earth (4)
  • Water (2)
  • Air (3)

8. You like music that makes you feel

  • Like dancing (3)
  • In love (2)
  • Pumped up (1)
  • Melancholy (4)

9. What do you wish other people envied about you?

  • My looks (2)
  • My status (1)
  • My creativity (3)
  • What? I don’t want people to envy anything about me! (4)

10. How did you feel when you woke up this morning?

  • Pretty Energized (3)
  • Totally Relaxed(4)
  • Angry, irritated, or uncomfortable (1)
  • Nothing special, I just woke up (2)

You did it! Are you ready for the answers? Just add your points and let’s see what you got.

Colour of your Aura according to the Quiz

When you have a Red Aura

When your points are between 10-18, then you have a red aura. A red aura is one high in energy, anxiety, and worry which shows that you may have some unresolved anger or fear. However, it also shows that you have impressive strength and passion, which will help you resolve help you resolve any of the conflicts that you are dealing with.

this person can be in relation to romance as well. As a red aura signifies that love is an important factor in your life. Your red aura may indicate a new romance or fling. Use your passion for positivity and you will see impressive results.

When you have a Purple Aura

Now if you got 18-25 points, then you have a purple aura. Love, sincerity, affection, grace and generosity are perfect words to describe you. Your aura indicates that you have achieved a perfect balance between your spiritual and material existance.

Most importantly, you love and to be loved, while you hate conflicts and arguments. You take care of your body and spread a positive and healing energy to those around you. The purple aura is very unique, so it is the person who has it.

When you have a White Aura

If you got 26-32 points, then you have a white Aura.A white aura signifies spirituality, balance, creativity, and blessings. You are an innovator and a creator and your strongest qualities are more spiritual than physical. Your unique level of energy allows you to be more intuitive than others. Your dreams are more important and you should pay close attention to them.

It is important to remember that white is the combination of all the colours of the visible spectrum. Just like white, you all of the auras within you and you represent balance, harmony and peace between them all. You are highly evolved and we are lucky to have you 🙂

When you have a Blue Aura

If you got 33-40 points ten you have a Blue aura. A blue aura is cool, calm and collected. You are kind and loyal. With a relaxed personality that belies a deeper emotional intelligence. You are a true empath that is deeply sensitive to your surroundings. Which quickly enables you to quickly understand those around you.

Your highly evolved intuition is always to be trusted, specially as it guides you to help and support others. You have a remarkable ability to “Go with the flow” and you rarely waste energy on anger or frustration.

What result did you get? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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