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We are definitely the most comfortable generation ever on this planet. But are we also the most joyful generation?

Today, we have the kind of comforts and conveniences that no other generation could ever even imagine.

Things that we could not imagine just 35 years ago are just a living reality today. But are we any more joyful or happy? No

So What is happiness? Now let’s have a look at what Sadhguru says.

The words by Sadhguru have the potential to change your life just read the full post, try to understand the deep meaning behind this, and see you will become something truly fantastic within yourself.

Sadhguru founder of Isha foundation Considered among India’s 50 most influential people, he is a yogi, mystic, bestselling author, and poet. Absolute clarity of perception places him in a unique space, not only in matters spiritual but in business, environmental and international affairs, and opens a new door on all that he touches.

Here in this post Sadhguru an enlightened person clearing our doubts about happiness.

So read the full post and try to understand what Sadhguru says about happiness. He also reveals the trick that how to stay happy every time. Yes, if you want to stay happy and satisfied in every moment of your life then you must read the full article.

What is Happiness?

What is happinessSadhguru

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What is well-being? When do you really feel well in your life? When do you truly feel well?

Even if you’re physically ill, you’re still well. Even if you’re medically diagnosed as sick, you’re very happy right now; you’re feeling well. 

So fundamentally, well-being means a certain level of joyfulness, certain vitality of life.

Depression means your life energies have become very low and stayed. 

Happiness means your life energies are exuberant. There are many ways of describing joy, but only those who are happy know what it means to be satisfied.

There is nobody who has not been happy. Everybody’s been glad, but the problem is you are not able to maintain it. That’s all.

In the last 24 hours, how many moments of joy have you known? I am asking you.

One, two, three – how many? Maybe you can count on your fingers. Many people have nothing to measure.

Everything that humanity has done on this planet is in pursuit of happiness, is it so?

When you were five years of age, a child, how many moments of joy did you know in 24 hours? Lots of them, isn’t it?

Now somebody has to make you happy, isn’t it? The whole equation has gotten reversed somehow. All this effort of life, everything that you did, education, career, business, family, whatever you did, everything was in pursuit of happiness, is it so?

In the last hundred years, we have done too much on this planet. With the use of science and technology, we have changed the very face of this planet. 

Today, we have the kind of comforts and conveniences that no other generation could ever even imagine. Yes? 

What royalty could not afford a hundred years ago, today average citizens have, isn’t it so?

Aren’t most of you driving chariots with hundred, two hundred horses? Yes? Even Kings could not afford this. But are we any happier?

We are definitely the most comfortable generation ever on this planet. Is it so, physically? But are we also the most joyful generation? 

So it’s not worked. Science and technology have brought an enormous amount of comfort and convenience to our lives.

Things that we could not imagine just 35 years ago are just a living reality today, isn’t it? 

But are we any more joyful? No. And all these comforts and conveniences have not come easy.

They’ve come at a tremendous cost to every other life on this planet. Yes? 

From plant to animal, every creature, including human beings, has paid an enormous price to create these comforts and conveniences and are not even happy. 

What is the point? We are making a bonfire of this planet. If you are ecstatic, it’s okay; burn the earth. It’s alright. We are not even happy. I think it’s time to look at it, isn’t it? Why are we burning it up if you’re not even happy?


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How to find happiness?

How to find happiness- Sadhguru

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Interviewer: I want to ask you a very simple question, but it’s something that evades everybody. How does one manage to find happiness? 

Sadhguru: Oh (Laughs)!

Interviewer: It’s a really simple question, but no one today is happy.

Sadhguru: Why do you say that?

Sadhguru: Do I look unhappy (Laughs)?

Interviewer: You don’t (Both laugh) but so many people around us are just not, or they’re not able to be happy for other people or just with what they have necessarily, they’re always looking for the next goal, purpose, something. It could be material dismissal; it could be experiential, anything.

Sadhguru: One simple thing is every human experience has a chemical basis to it.

All of us are made with the same ingredients, but see in how many different ways we’ve made ourselves.


What you call peace is one kind of chemistry; what you call happiness or joy is another kind of chemistry; ecstasy is one kind of chemistry, agony is another kind of chemistry, anxiety, another type of chemistry, stress, a different type of chemistry.

All levels of pleasantness and unpleasantness are rooted in a certain chemical background within you. Or in other words, what you call this (Referring to oneself) is a certain chemical soup.

The question is only, are you a great soup or a lousy soup. If I give soup-making ingredients to ten different people – the same ingredients – ten people will not produce the same hash.

Ten soups will taste in ten different ways, though the ingredients are the same. Similarly, all of us are made with the same ingredients, but see in how many different ways we’ve made ourselves.

So it’s time to pay attention to soup-making that this (Referring to oneself) is a great soup; this (Referring to oneself) is not a lousy soup.

If you establish chemistry of blissfulness, that’s how you will be.

This is what we’re teaching people. We are not advising people to be happy or peaceful. We are teaching them how to engineer your chemistry the way you want it.

You create a chemistry of blissfulness, then why are you bothered about being happy? That’s how it’ll be. 

Interviewer: Sadhguru, you’ve created an organization. I mean, people are volunteering, they’re happy (Laughs), there’s a positive vibe and culture, for instance. How have you managed to create such an organization?

Sadhguru: Wonderful people around me. Wherever I go, whichever part of the world I am in, not a single day passes for me without witnessing tears of joy and love around me.

Every day, somebody will be shedding tears of love and joy. I don’t think there’s a better way to live in this world. All of us should strive to create circles of joyfulness and pleasantness around us.

Because if you are not joyful by your nature, you’re always going around with the fear of suffering. As long as fear of hell is there within you, you will never walk your life with full stride.

It’ll always be half a step. Most human beings have crippled themselves simply because of fear of suffering.

‘What will happen to me?’ is always the question. ‘Whatever happens, this is how I will be’ – if this assurance comes to you, only now you will want to scale the peaks of life and see what about it.

If it happens, it makes no difference to you; if it doesn’t happen, it makes no difference to you – that’s when you would like to explore every dimension of life.

So, the first and foremost thing is this: your way of being is not determined by what’s around you.

If you bring this one aspect to you, there is no fear of suffering. Once there is no fear of hell, you will traverse the breadth and length of this life without hesitation.

How to live a happy life?

How to live happy life- Sadhguru

{(Addressing a group of students and faculty at the IIT campus in Chennai, India, Sadhguru answers a question on how to maintain joy and happiness regardless of the external circumstances.)}

Participant: Good evening, sir. I happened to listen to a lecture of yours that talked about joy and happiness. You spoke that joy depends on oneself, whereas happiness depends on others. I tried a little while to practice it, but I found that I could not sustain those small moments of joy.

I could experience joy when I was completely into it, very passionate about what to do. Still, somehow when an external person or, say, some external entity recognizes what I do, the joy is just out of my life.

So how do you sustain those moments of joy and not succumb to these pleasures of happiness? It would be nice to share the difference between joy and happiness.

Sadhguru: Let’s say your dean tells you, from tomorrow, all of you, what kind of clothes you should wear, immediately there’ll be protests in the college.

If your dean goes further and says, ‘Everybody must eat only four idlis (an Indian dish) in the morning.’ If your dean tells you, ‘Everybody should get up at five o’clock in the morning.’

Let’s say he put ten different rules like this, physical things to do, you will think he’s trying to convert you into slaves, and you will shout and scream for your freedom, isn’t it?

But look at yourself and see, right now, somebody else, if they determine what should happen around you, you feel like a slave, but right now, somebody else determines what should happen within you. Is this not slavery? 

Somebody can decide whether you are happy or unhappy; is this not slavery? 

Somebody can decide whether you will be a pleasant human being or an unpleasant human being. Is this not slavery? 

What happens within you, somebody else determines – this is the worst form of slavery, isn’t it? It is just that everybody is like that; it seems to be normal, it is not. It is not normal. Just because everybody is like that, it does not become normal.

This human being, life around you will not happen, will never happen hundred percent the way you want it, and it should not occur; if everything happens the way you want it, where do I go?

I’m very happy it’s not happening your way. And now that you’re a student? You are still a student; I believe about sixty, seventy percent is happening your way. When you get married, the percentage will get reversed. We don’t know.

We don’t know whether which way it’ll go. Life around you will never happen one hundred percent the way you want it, and it should not.

Unless you live with machines, life will not happen, and even those machines will freak on you, isn’t it? Aren’t the machines troubling you every day for something or the other? They do. 

Outside will never happen a hundred percent the way you want it, and if your happiness or joyfulness or let’s not use all these so many words – essentially it is pleasantness vs. unpleasantness.

For pleasantness, we have many names; we call it peacehappinessjoyblissecstasy.

For unpleasantness, we have many names – stressanxietyfeartension, whatever else, madness, whatever.

Pleasantness versus unpleasantness – if your pleasantness depends on what happens around you, the chances of you being pleasant all the time are remote, isn’t it?

In the very nature of things, it’s not possible. Only if you can create a distance between this and that is possible.

In a sense, whenever things don’t work, there is a habit in lots of people. They will look up, uperwala (means god). Hmm? 

The whole world is looking up and looking up. See, you know the planet is round? 

Okay, The planet is round, and you are not sitting on top of the north pole; you are sitting in Chennai, here in the tropical climate, and the damn planet is spinning, so if you look up, you are always looking up in the wrong direction, isn’t it?

You are invariably looking up in the wrong direction. Isn’t it so?

Maybe at a certain moment of, whatever, Greenwich Mean Time, zero hours, when you looked up perhaps you hit the heaven Rest of the time, you are always looking in the wrong direction. Isn’t it so?

So in this cosmic space, is there somebody who knows which is up and which is down? Does somebody know? 

Is there somewhere it is marked, ‘This side up’? Nobody knows which is up, which is down, it’s just an assumption, isn’t it? Do you know which is north, which is south? In the real sense, do you know what north and south are?

It is just for our convenience we just fixed it, isn’t it? Yes or no?

Do you know what’s east and west? No. Do you know what is forward and backward? You do not know. None of these things, you know.

There is only one thing you can be certain of right now – this is, you know what is outward, what is inward; this one thing you are sure, isn’t it? This is inward; this is outward – this is the only privilege you have. What is outward, what is inward, this is all you know.

Just in case someday, if you get enlightened, you will lose that also. Yes. That’s what happened to me – now I don’t know which is inward, which is outward, which is me, which is not me, that’s why I’m all over the world because I don’t know whether this is me or that is me.

Now you say, ‘I know what is inward, what is outward,’ let’s examine this a little more. Can you see your phone or laptop right now?

The events around you may not be determined by you, but how your experience of life is on this planet is one hundred percent determined by you, if you take charge of this.


Just point out where it is? Use your hands and point out. Oh, You are getting it completely wrong.

Now, this light is falling upon your device, reflecting, going through your lenses, the inverted image in your retina – you know the whole story, right?

 Where do you see it right nowWithin yourself. Where do you reading this right nowWithin yourself.

Where have you seen the whole world? Within yourself.

Have you ever experienced anything outside of yourself? Everything that ever happened to you – darkness and light occurred within you.

Pain and pleasure happened within you. Joy and misery occurred within you.

Have you ever experienced anything outside of yourself? No.

So what I’m asking you is – what happens within you, who should determine how it should happen? Hmm? 

What happens within you? Who should determine how this should happen? Somebody else? You should decide what should happen within this (our body), isn’t it?

So if you determine what’s happening within this (our body), your whole experience of life will be determined by you, nobody else but you, isn’t it? 

You may not determine the events around you, but how your experience of life is on this planet is one hundred percent determined by you if you take charge of this. If you leave it loose, just about anybody will evaluate it.

They will – not consciously. They are also like you, by accident.

Tips for a happy life

how to live blissfully.
Tips for happy life- Sadhguru

During a conversation between Juhi Chawla and Sadhguru, the actress asks for advice on the best way to live blissfully and consciously. The key, Sadhguru responds, lies in one’s awareness that life is just a brief happening.”

Juhi Chawla: Sadhguruji, How do we live our daysWhat is the best way to go about it? Could you give us a clear answer?

Sadhguru: If you observe, if everybody makes a little effort, everybody takes a little time for this piece of life (our life), okay.

Not for your family, not for your career, not for something else, just because this piece of life gives it little time because this is the most critical piece of energy in your life, isn’t it? Yes or no?

Participants: Yes.

Sadhguru: Even if you are in love with somebody (Laughs), still this is the essential piece of life, isn’t it?

So pay some attention to this; how does it happen? Why have you taken it for granted? You are not going to be here forever. I’ll bless you with long life, but you will fall dead one day Yes or no?

Participants: Yes.

Sadhguru: So do not take this for granted. If you wake up in the morning tomorrow IF you wake up in the morning (Laughter) – no, this is not my wish. Still, I want you to know of all that people who go to bed tonight, over a million people will not wake up tomorrow morning and tomorrow; if you and I wake up tomorrow morning, is it not a fantastic thing?

A million people did not wake up. You woke up. Is it not a great thing? Look at the ceiling and smile; you are still awake; you are still there. And for many, many millions of people, somebody dear to them did not wake up.

So check those five, six people around you. They all woke up – WOW! It’s a fantastic day (Laughter). You woke up, and everybody who matters to you around you woke up. Is it not a great day?

Juhi Chawla: Yes.

Sadhguru: You don’t think so?

Juhi Chawla: Yes, yes.

Sadhguru: You don’t seem to think so because the problem is just this you are living with the idea that you are immortal.

When I say you are immortal, you do not think you’re immortal, but you are not conscious of your mortality.

If you’re not conscious of your mortality, somewhere you think you are immortal, isn’t it?

How many moments in a day are you conscious that you are mortal?

If you were aware, would you have time to cribWould you have time to fight with somebodyWould you have time to do some rubbish with your life?

If you knew if you are conscious that you are mortal you would do nothing other than what is absolutely needed for you and everybody around you.


This one thing if you do if you remind yourself don’t think this is a negative thing, death is not a negative thing; it’s the only thing that has added value to your life. 

If you’re here forever, you would be unbearable (Laughter).

Juhi Chawla: Yeah (Laughs), yes, yes.

Sadhguru: Isn’t it? Aren’t we glad everybody dies one day (Laughs)?

If you just become conscious of this one thing, you’re always aware that “I’m mortal,” you don’t have to think, “I will die today.”

We don’t intend; we want to live as far as possible, you know “One day I will die.” If you’re just conscious of this one thing, you will naturally become spiritual.

Every day, every moment, if you remind yourself this is a brief life “I am mortal, one day I will end,” do this for two days and see you will become something genuinely fantastic within yourself, just this is all.

Juhi Chawla: That was simply beautiful.

Sadhguru: That’s all that’s needed. If you want to know the value of life, know that it’s a brief happening.

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Q1. What is Happiness by Sadhguru in shot?


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