Hatha Yoga | 7 Scientifically Proven Mental and Health Benefits | 5 Myths Debunked

Hatha yoga is a technical core. “Ha” means- solar in energy (Sun). “Tha” means- lunar energy (Moon). So Hata yoga is the practice to balance your lunar and solar energy that’s the meaning of Hata Yoga.

Meaning of Lunar and solar energy in Hatha Yoga?

All Hata Yoga depends on lunar and solar energy. All Hatha yoga practices are working to balance your lunar and solar energy. Lunar energy representing the left nostril breathing. 

Solar energy representing right nostril breathing, and that Hatha Yoga is working to balance right and left nostril breathing.

Balancing the right and left side of the brain means balancing Ida and Pingala Nadi to raise your Susman energy to get enlightened.

How to Access Solar and Lunar Energy in Body?

Solar and Lunar energy is happening automatically but sometimes gets mixed up according to our way of living in this world.

If you live very stressful, lunar or solar energy just gets messed up, and yoga helps balance it.

The right nostril is solar energy, left nostril in the lunar energy when you start to pay attention or begin to work with them, like doing Anulom Vilom pranayam BhujangasanaTrikonasana, forward bending posture, Chandra asana.

They all will help you to balance your lunar and solar energy.

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7 Benefits of Hatha Yoga

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By practicing Hatha Yoga you will be, you will be mentally, spiritually, and physically healthy. Here are seven benefits of Hatha Yoga.

1) Proper Body Functioning– Hatha Yoga will help in improving Circulatory and Musculoskeletal System functions.

2) Peaceful Mind– Hatha Yoga will help lower cortisol production, a hormone that helps to release stress in the body.

3) Boost Cardio Fitness– Helps in improving blood flow to the heart. Due to this will be out of hypertension (Heart problem).

4) Increase Bone Density– This yoga helps individuals carry out their total body weights on their hands and legs; thus, bone density will increase.

5) Improve Muscle Strength– This will help keep the body fit and help prevent disease.

6) Mobility Joints– If you practice Hatha Yoga, your body will move in all directions. It will help in reducing mobility joints.

7) Improved Oxygenation– When you practice shoulder stand and headstand yoga asana, blood and oxygen will flow in the reverse direction. It will help the oxygen to spread to each part of the origin of the body.

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5 Myths of Hatha Yoga that Everyone Must Know

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These five myths are so widespread that we explain them in every Yoga Teacher Training. Some myths are in the world of practitioners, while other myths are popular in Yoga scholars. Therefore, every Yogi/Yogini needs to know these myths and the true meaning of Hatha Yoga.

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1) Hatha Yoga is forceful yoga- Hatta in Sanskrit means forceful but that forceful is not in this context. So it is the balance between hum and thumb, the unification of Prana and Apana, the solar and lunar energies that is Hatha Yoga. It is not a forceful training of the physical body.


2) Hatha Yoga is a “Beginners Yoga” Hatha yoga is an excellent foundation to start your yoga journey. If you have proper training in Hatha yoga, it can create a perfect foundation to move on your spiritual path. To say that Hatha yoga is only for beginners is not valid. It is not only physically challenging, but it isn’t easy too. As you deepen your practice, it can transform the body-mind system, and you will start exploring the light that is within.


3) Hatha Yoga is Different from Asthanga Yoga If Ashtanga yoga of Patanjali is the mountain, Hatha yoga is the first step to reach its top. Swatma Rama, in his text Hatha Yoga Pradipika writes, in the beginning, says, “I teach this wisdom of hatha yoga as the foundation to raja yoga or ashtanga yoga.” are talking about Ashtanga yoga of Patanjali, not Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is another form of Hatha yoga, and hatha yoga is an excellent foundation to Ashtanga Yoga or Raja Yoga of Patanjali, a lifestyle.


4) Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, etc. are superior to Hatha Yoga Often, people think that you should start practicing Hatha yoga as a beginner. As you deepen your practice, you slowly move towards any other form of yoga. It is not valid. Hatha yoga, if it is properly practiced, can be very challenging. All these forms, such as the Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga method, or any other form of yoga, are a subset of Hatha Yoga, and Hatha Yoga is the root of all these different asana styles. These different styles have different perspectives, and there is no hierarchy here.


5) Hatha yoga is all about asanas– Hatha yoga primarily focuses on asanas and kriyas. Hatha yoga says first purify the physical body with the asanas and kriyas then move towards the subtle aspects such as pranayamas bandhas, and mudras. It emphasizes the practice of asanas and kriyas, but that is just the beginning of hatha yoga practice, and it is not just limited to physical asanas and kriyas.

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