When we look around, we have many questions related to our existence, isn’t it? Now many questions may arise in your mind.

Who is God? What is God? Does God exist? Who created God? Who made God or Who invented God? Should we pray to God?
How to pray for God? Who is the real GodWhat do we mean by God?

Different religions have their other Gods. Only in India, we worship more than 33 million gods.

So who is this God? Does God really exists? Should we pray to God?

Let’s clear al our doubts and queries about the Supreme God and his existence.

Sadhguru answers all the doubts about God. He is an Indian Yogi and founder of the Isha foundation.

Considered among sIndia’s 50 most influential people, Sadhguru is a yogimystic, bestselling author, and poet.

Absolute clarity of perception places him in a unique space, not only in spiritual matters but in business, environmental and international affairs. It opens a new door on all that he touches.

Read the full article. Don’t skip a single word; otherwise, it will not work for you, and wouldn’twouldn’t be able to understand, who God is actually.

So, let’s begin.

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Who is God? What is God?

What is god?
What is God- Sadhguru

Beautifully answered by Sadhguru- The soul is sacred for people; the body is filthy, how is it possible? Yes?

That’s what we have been doing. Isn’t it so? Saying God is sacred; creation is filthy, how is it possible?

The very thought of God occurred to you only because you saw the creation, isn’t it?

When you were born, and you opened your eyes, you looked around, so much creation!

Before you came here, so much has happened. You did not create it, so you thought there must be a creator. This is how you come to the creator, isn’t it?

The moment you thought there must be a creator because you are human, you felt it must be a big man; a small man like me cannot do all this. It must be a big man. Just two hands, how can he do so much creation? It must be eight hands, isn’t it? Isn’tIsn’t it so?

If you were a buffalo, you would think God is a huge buffalo. Isn’tIsn’t it so? Yes or no?

You go and ask a buffalo and see; a buffalo will insist God is a giant buffalo, maybe four horns. You know Idi Amin; you heard of Idi Amin, the Uganda man?

What is Bhava in Bhakti

Idi Amin declared ”God is black.” I agree with him. If a white man can have a white God, why can’t a black man have a black God?

But both those people are confused; we know God is brown.

Because he visited us, you know. Some time ago, I talked to a group of people in Nashville in Tennessee, telling them a joke.

In the joke, I just referred to God as ”Him.” Immediately, a few ladies stood up, ‘‘Do you believe God is a man?

I knew where it’s going. I said, ”See I am only telling you a joke.” ”It doesn’t matter, you said Him. Do you believe God is a man?”

They take the jokes very seriously. Now, women are arguing God could be a woman.

Such problems exist only in those cultures. In India, we have man-god, we have woman god, we have cow god, we have monkey god, everything, every kind, crawling one, creeping one, flying one, because we foresaw all the problems of the future.

“See, when man was the most powerful force on the planet, man was naturally God. Now women are also gaining in their power so women are questioning ‘Why it… why can’t it be a woman?

Isn’t is so??

So, tomorrow suppose dogs gain a lot of power, so dogs will ask, ‘Why not a dog God?

The spelling also is close, you know? He seems to be closer than you, isn’t he? So, your idea of God is just an exaggerated version of yourself, isn’t it?

Your idea of God is just an exaggerated version of yourself. See, you are still not able to define yourself, isn’t it?

By Sadhguru

Whatever definition you put on yourself is not correct. Any kind of definition you put on you, it is not enough to describe yourself.

When this small piece of creation (we humans) is like this, the source of creation, how are you going to put a definition on it? You cannot define it, you cannot understand it, you can only dissolve into it. You can experience it, you can never know it. You can’t make knowledge out of it.


Depending upon which kind of culture you are in, that kind of God you have, isn’t it?

It can only be experienced. Experience does not mean you can eat it or you can grasp it.

No, you can experience it only by dissolving in it. There is no other way. So, we are just looking for dissolution methods to share something far more significant than ourselves.

Who created God?

According to Shrimad Bhagavad Gita, we come to know that no one created god.

Everything in this universe is created by god. God can neither be created nor be destroyed.

You must read Shrimad Bhagvad Gita in your life.
Srimad Bhagavad Gita As It Is

Gita is one of the most influential treatises in eastern philosophy. The BhagavadGita is the eternal message of spiritual wisdom from ancient India. The word Gita means song and the word. Bhagavad means God, often the BhagavadGita is called the Song of God

What do we mean by God?

What do you mean by god
What do Sadhguru mean by god

Intruder: What happened to Overland India? Why all the guard goddesses all the saints and sorrows and salaries from ages? 

Why are they born in India? We have produced the maximum number of God. We have created a maximum number of Davey’s.

If we think about every town, every district, every place, there’s some god or goddesses. What’s happened to Our land. 

While anywhere else in the world, there are not so many gods or sages? 

Sadhguru: So we’re talking in our engineering about how come India it’s supposed to have 33 million gods and goddesses.

This happened when our population was 33 million, but after that, we got a little shy of creating gods because people from outside came and said there is only one God, and we started feeling shy about our many gods, and we’d reduced it to two dozen.

Most Indian homes at least have two dozen, not thirty thirty million, all right. These 33 million, as I said, happen when our population was that much(33 million).

Tell me how beautiful the world would be today if everybody had their own God. The problem arose only when hundred people gathered behind one God. That’s when the fight started.

If you had your God and I had my God, we got nothing to quarrel, at least in the other world. Maybe local property we may fight, but if a problem comes in the local property business, we can always make a deal, isn’t it? Yes or no?

But when we start fighting about our God, there is no end. There is no closure to it because you can’t stop you willing to die, but if you had yogurt, I had my God no problem, and if you have a child, will create another God for him, if you have a grandchild, will create another God for him, there would be no fight, isn’t it?

Above all, this came up because India is a godless culture.

When I say godless culture, there is no sense of God in India.

All the gods that you worship, whether you’re Rama, Krishna, Shiva, whatever.

These are all people who walk the geography of that land.

We saw them as exhale beings in their lifetimes. They lived in such a way that they inspired a whole generation to such a point that we call them gave us that they did not mean a God.

There was no word called God in India, okay. This is an imported word today. We are using it; otherwise, there never was a word called God.

In any of the Indian languages, we said Dev and Devtas.

It’s very appropriate in India today. They call Sachin Tendulkar the cricketing God.

It’s very in sync with our culture because somebody became an extraordinary achievement, an almost superhuman kind of achievement.

Now we say he’s a Deva. He’s a cricketing God because nobody ever played cricket like him. Like this, in every sphere of life, we had gods.

Whoever rose beyond what is considered normal, we set up he needs to be bowed down to; he needs to be emulated in the society, not one God who is up there that you never saw but for many gods who are here rose above what is considered as usual.

Let me tell you what where this comes from. For example, Rama is one of the most popular deities.

If you look at Rama’s life, this will make me unpopular again because I had a massive reaction in Texas.

When I spoke something like this because they don’t listen first when the first word I said already they are reacting so please don’t respond this wait listen to me.

If you look at Rama’s life, it is a series of failures, okay. His entire life, he was a rightful king, coronated, just married, newly married for some political reason.

He ends up in the forest in the jungle with his newly married wife; his wife is not some tribal girl. She’s a princess not made to live in a jungle.

Of course, in your movies, they showed you Rama and Sita are floating around with gold and deer all around them. That’s not how a jungle is; believe me, I’ve lived in the jungles by myself alone for weeks on end. That’s not how a jungle is. It’s hard, okay.

If you want to survive there, it takes extraordinary strength, and it takes a beating.

If you leave any of our ladies here in the jungle for three months after three months, you can’t recognize them. They will become like that, yes everything will change about them. They won’t look like this.

So, Sita, a newly married Prince in the jungle, is not a romantic situation, okay. It is not.

So seeing their plight, his brother leaves his own family and walks with his brother and sister-in-law because he knows the hardships they will go through.

As if that was not bad enough, then she gets kidnapped and taken to Sri Lanka. The man becomes despondent drivers in a town in Andhra Pradesh, and I was speaking to all of us about six to eight thousand people there. A few school children, one little girl 14-year-old girls, tense up, and I said, guru, they say Rama walked from Ayodhya to Sri Lanka. 

How is it practical? is it proper for a man to walk from Ayodhya to Sri Lanka? 

I said, see, you’re a 14-year-old girl right now. You’re a little girl, but in a few years, you’ll find a man when that happens, suppose you got lost, would you want a man who will walk the distance to find you or somebody who finds a practical solution in the neighborhood..?

Even that little girl knows she wants a man who will come all the way, so he walks all the course wanting to find his wife. She means that much to him; there is no flight to Colombo. Walking down the sub-continent over 2500 miles, but she must have told that much to him to go their wages of war, burns down the city gets his wife back again back in the kingdom. Something goes wrong politically again, his censer to the jungle, this time fully pregnant, no sonogram.

He doesn’t know whether it’s boy or girl or boys or girls or what she goes there and delivers twins to boys.

He doesn’t know when they were 14 years of age he wages war with them, and he could have killed them.

If some tragedy must happen to any human being means knowingly or unknowingly.

We killed our children. This is the worst thing that it can happen to you, isn’t it?  He almost got there he almost killed them, by some fortune that was avoided and then saw third eyes in the forest without ever seeing him or setting her his eyes upon her again you don’t call this a successful life.

If any one of these things happens in your life, you will be broken, isn’t it?

But all these series of wrongs happened in life, but he remains balanced, never became vengeful, never became hateful, never became an angry man. If he had to wage war, he waged war.

If he had to do whatever he had to do, he did that to the best of his ability but never became a slave of the external situation.

It is this we worship. He is not a successful series of failures, but we worship the man because it doesn’t matter what the world threw at him. It could not disturb him. He went about doing what he has to do to the best of his ability. 

It is this we worship as godliness, not being super.

How to pray to God?

How to pray to god?
How to pray to god – Sadhguru

Q. Should we pray to God?

Answered by Sadhguru-

Sadhguru: Prayer means you are telling God what to do.

You think you are God’s consultant. Meditation means you just shut up. If you just shut up, everything that needs to happen to you will happen to you.

So touching that dimension which is beyond the physical means you want to touch that dimension which is the basis of the physical.

When you say that which is the basis of the physical, what you are talking about is that you are not interested in the creation, but you are interested in the source of the product.

There, if you go and stand in front of the Creator, at least there you must keep your ideas down, isn’t it?

Your ideas must be kept down for some time when the Creator is here. Isn’tIsn’t it so? Isn’tIsn’t he the most significant idea? It’s like, there was a man in Pennsylvania;

Sadhguru: where you from?

Participant: Seattle.

Sadhguru: Ah, it rains, it doesn’t flood there. That’sThat’s why we could put Seattle on the coast. Otherwise, it would overflow, you know, that place. So Pennsylvania, there was a man in Pennsylvania.

Once there was a big flood, and Are you okay if there’s a joke inside a joke? You all right?

The flood was beginning to happen, the water was filling up, and there was a very enthusiastic young journalist who is reporting stage by stage, hour by hour, as to how the flood is progressing, you know? 

Because that is journalism; somebody is drowning, report to the world, ”This man is drowning, look at him drowning”, take it on the video, and show everybody how a man drowns.

You don’t throw the goddamn camera and get the man. No, you show the whole world how a man can drown in flood. So these are not the days of video cameras.

Only, you know, Morse code is how the report is being filed. So he filed a report, very eloquently he said, ‘ ‘As God sits and watches, the water is filling up in this part of Pennsylvania and houses are going down and this and that” and described it in very eloquent terms.

Then immediately, he got a response from his editor, ”Leave the flood, interview God” (Laugh). God is sitting and watching; he thought he is somewhere here. ”Forget about the flood, interview God.” They didn’t get to interview him; it continued.

Many homes drowned, many people died, but one man survived. This man who stayed went to New York City and shared how he survived a Pennsylvania flood where so many people died. People gathered. Then he went to Boston and talked about how he survived a Pennsylvania flood, and more people gathered.

Then he came to Seattle, and he shared, more people gathered. Then he started his roadshow, city to city, talking and talking about how he survived a Pennsylvania flood.

He became a famous speaker in America, and then naturally, you know, every American has to write a book within their lifespan.

So he wrote a book, how he survived a Pennsylvania flood. It became famous, he spoke everywhere, and his engagements become international. 

He became a millionaire, sold millions of books All his life, he only spoke about how he survived a Pennsylvania flood.

And one day, he died, not in flood, he died, and they had an assembly. 

He went through the Pearly Gates, and there was an assembly of people, and there was an opportunity to speak, a few people could say.

So he tthe old his neighbors, ”I will share my experience about how I survived Pennsylvania flood.”

Somebody nudged him and said, ”There is Noah in the audience.” Okay? So now you don’t go, stand in front of that which is the basis of creation and throw your ideas at him. You are his idea. Yes? You are just a figment of his vision.

If he withdraws his idea, you’re gone. So you don’t put your thoughts. So this is the essence of meditativeness.

Prayer means you are telling God what to doYou think you are God’sGod’s consultant. Meditation means you have understood your limitations; now you just shut up. If you just shut up, just shut up on all levels, everything that needs to happen to you will happen. All the training is to help them shut up, that you don’t throw your silly ideas at the Creator, you just shut up.

Books by sadhguru

Sadhguru’s Big reveal (Life and Death)

Sadhguru reveals that life and death are, in fact, two sides of the same coin. It is only by embracing both that we can break the shackles of our self-made struggles and be set free. In his own words, he says: “Death is a cosmic joke. If you get the joke, when you fall on the other side, it will be wonderful.

Does god exist?

Does god exists?
Does god exists – Sadhguru

Q. Does god Exists?

Answered by Sadhguru-

Sadhguru: It once happened, Gautama the Buddha, you heard of him, hmm? Everybody heard of Gautama?

So Buddha is not his name. His name is Gautama Siddhartha. He became a Buddha. So he is not only the Buddha in the world. There have been thousands of them and they still are.

So Gautama was sitting in a large congregation of people one morning. An early morning, earlier than this okay… A man arrived and stood there in the shadows.

This man is a great devotee. He is a devotee of Rama. You heard of Rama, hmm?

Not Rami, Rama. Rama is one of the most popular deities in India. If you do not already know this, In India, we have thirty-six million Gods and Goddesses.

It’s a very rich country. So he is a great devotee of Rama.

The devotees in India, not now and not everybody but those who take this seriously, will not utter any word other than the name of the God that they believe in.

So if they want you to come, they will say Ram Ram, If they want you to go, Ram Ram, If they want something, Ram Ram. No other word, but Ram.

The clothes are all printed Ram, Ram, they utter only Ram, Ram. They live Ram Ram. They devoted their whole life to God.

You are smart, you are not like that. You kept God-like insurance. Just in case something goes wrong, I have also paid my premium. (Laughs) hmm? Everything that you need to do, you do it yourself. You kept God-like insurance, very smart.


But this man invested his whole life in God. Total… Age is passing away; little doubt has come. Are the people here, who don’t believe in God?

Nobody? Tch tch tch…No lefties, no… Only one? Okay, what’s your name.? Participant: John

Sadhguru: Only John, nobody else?

Another Pariticipant: I have doubts… Sadhguru: (Laugh)

So little doubt has come, he knows there is God. Just a little doubt, suppose there is no God, I am wasting my whole life doing Ram Ram Ram.

See this doubt will come to you only if you invest your whole life. You invest just ten minutes in a week then you will not get this doubt, it’s all right, what’s the problem.

You know…(Laughs) If you invest your life completely into God, then within three days, doubt will come. Am I wasting my life, just doing this?

And, there are other people who don’t believe. See, look at this “John”, he doesn’t believe it. For him also, the sun comes up in the morning, for him also, flowers blossom, for him also, life happens, looks like he is having a better time than me. So little doubt, he knows there is God, just a little doubt.

Now there is an enlightened being here, he wants to confirm. But after being a well-known devotee for a long time, because he did not go to the temple, he built many temples.

At this stage in his life, how to ask whether there is God or not now? So he came early morning, stood in the shadows there, and asked this inevitable question.

‘Is there God?Gautama looked at the man and gave a clear emphaticNo’. Here, this large congregation of disciples, this is always been a struggle in their mind, is there God or no God, is there God or no God?

Wooooof, one big relief… Whenever they ask such a questions to Gautama, he just becomes silent, he doesn’t say anything. For the first time he gave a clear answer,

“No God”. Joy spread across the congregation. Just this struggle; ‘is there God or no God’ is over. The enlightened one has declared, there is no God.

The message spread across the town. Through the day celebration happened because just imagine the freedom of it.

No God means.. nobody sitting up there, keeping accounts of what you did and what you did not do to punish you, burn you in hell, or do this or that. Life is completely yours.

So through the day, celebrations happened. Everybody is in great joy. The evening, once again the congregation is sitting, another man came.

He also standing in the shadows. This man is a Charvaka. Charvaka means; In India, there are groups of people who are known as Charvaka. These Charvakas are out and out materialists.

They don’t believe anything other than what they can see. Probably, this is the only culture that allows this. You will see active missionaries of God going from village to village, spreading their God message.

And missionaries of no God, going from village to village or going with people and proving to them, how there is no God.

Probably this is the only culture that allows this, anywhere else they would be killed. (Laughs) So if want, you can spread God, or if you want, you can spread no God. This is true democracy, you know?

This has been there, like this for thousands of years, people come and set up arguments in the village and they prove to you how there is no God. So this an expert Charvaka.

Whatever kind of believer you are, if you talk to him for ten minutes, he will prove to you ‘no God’.

For thousands of people, he has proved no God, no God, no God.

Age is passing; little doubt has come. Suppose there is God? When I go there, will he leave me? And all these believers say that He has got all kinds of torture equipment up there.

So, because I went about proving to everybody that He does not exist, He may torture me much more?

Tch… He knows there is no God, he has proved to thousands of people there is no God. Just a little doubt.

Now there is an enlightened being here, he wants to confirm. So he appeared there in the evening and he asked the same inevitable question, Is there God?

Gautama looked at the man and said, ‘yes.’ Once again turmoil started… Morning he said no God, they were all really happy.

In the evening Gautum Buddha says, ‘there is God’. So what’s the game, Gautama is trying to play?

See, if you believe there is God, or if you believe there is no God, you are in the same boat. You believe something that you do not know.

I believe this, you believe that, does not make any difference. You can believe whatever you want. Yes?

Everybody can believe whatever they want. It need not have anything to do with reality as such. If you see I do not know, the longing to know will arise within you. If the longing arises, the seeking arises, If the seeking arises, the possibility of knowing exits.

Q1. How do we come to the creator?

Ans. When you were born and you opened your eyes, you looked around, so much creation! Before you came here so much has happened, obviously you did not create it, so you thought there must be a creator.
This is how you come to the creator, isn’t it?

Q2. What Idi Amin declared?

Ans. Idi Amin declared that ‘God is black’.

Q3. How many types of God does India have?

Ans. In India we have man-god, we have woman god, we have cow god, we have monkey god, we have everything, every kind, crawling one, creeping one, flying one.

Q4. What Sadhguru says about creation?

Ans. When this small piece of creation (we humans) is like this, the source of creation, how are you going to put a definition on it? You cannot define it, you cannot understand it, you can only dissolve into it. You can experience it, you can never know it. You can’t make knowledge out of it.

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